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New smoke alarm legislation in QLD

We often get a lot of questions from home owners around when and if they have to upgrade their smoke alarms since the new smoke alarm laws were introduced for QLD in 2022. We've designed this flowchart to hopefully answer some questions you might have. A lot of smoke alarm installation companies pressure owner occupiers to upgrade now, but realistically they have until 1 Jan 2027 to become compliant. It is, of course, a good idea to upgrade as soon as possible so you have the best protection for your home.

We supply and install a really good quality brand of alarm with 5 years manufacturing warranty, and they are the only brand of smoke alarms we have come across that don't go off in the middle of the night!

Contact us for a price if you need your smoke alarms upgraded. We also provide a certificate of compliance on completion for you to supply to your real estate or insurance company.

a flowchart to ascertain when home owners need to upgrade their smoke alarms

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