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Professional Split System Air Conditioning Supply and Installation Brisbane Northside. 

Buffalo Air & Electrical are the trusted experts in air conditioning installation in Brisbane’s northside. We understand the need for year-round comfort- whether it be cooling for those hot, humid Queensland days when a fan just doesn’t cut it or heating for the crisp winter mornings. Split System reverse cycle air conditioning provides the luxury of both cooling and heating in one system.


Getting a split system air conditioning system installed by Buffalo Air & Electrical will not only mean comfort, but you can rest assured that the installation process is of the highest professional standard. Every installation is backed by our own workmanship guarantee meaning if something goes wrong with a system that Buffalo Air & Electrical have installed, we will come and fix the problem no questions asked. Our business is fully licensed with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC Tick). 


Your professional split system air conditioning system installation allows you the freedom to choose from a variety of reputable air conditioning brands available to the Australian market capable of lasting our Australian weather and harsh summers.


Brands that we trust and supply/install:



Why get Split System Air Conditioning Installed?

A split system air conditioner is an excellent option for compact domestic spaces where only a few areas need to be cooled/heated. Split system air conditioning is great for the budget and a quick way to create Cool comfort for the essential areas of your home. 

Domestic split system air conditioning units are also known for being more economical than most other systems as they use less energy, saving you money. Not only do they have a lower maintenance cost for parts if ever needed, but you can also sleep easy knowing your split system air conditioning unit is an efficient and cost effective investment for your home or business.

We offer:

  • Split System supply and installation

  • Air conditioning repairs

  • Air conditioning replacements

  • Routine maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly de-commissioning of air conditioners


Buffalo Air & Electricals’ air conditioning professionals are friendly, knowledgeable, and experts in. Not only can we supply and install your split-system air conditioning unit for optimal efficiency and effectiveness, we’ll give you in-depth advice about how best to utilize it every day.


Book your Air Conditioning Installation

If you have any questions or would like to book a free quote, please contact our friendly team or complete the form below and we will get back to you within 24hrs. We usually complete air conditioning installation jobs within 1-2 weeks from contact, depending on stock availability.

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