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Want a Bonus Gift Card? Install a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner and get up to $400 back.

Mitsubishi Electric's annual gift card campaign has begun for 2024! ❄️

Install an eligible Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP Series air conditioner before 31st July 2024 and redeem your gift card up to $400.

Did you know? Mitsubishi Electric AP series won the 2023/2024 award for their split system air conditioners.

Mitsubishi Electric stands out in terms of quality, efficiency, and longevity, and for a good reason.

Features we love:

- Quiet operation

- Night mode

- Weekly timer

- Optional WiFi control

- Dual Barrier Coating

Contact us for a free quote if you’re interested in installing a Mitsubishi Electric unit to take advantage of their gift card campaign before 31st July 2024.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning gift card campaign 2024

Mitsubishi Electric gift card campaign 2024

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